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Rhythm Kitchen Westfield Stratford City

Monday - Wednesday 11am - 9pm
Thursday - Saturday 11am - 10pm
Sunday 12pm - 6pm

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Sometimes you've just got to go with a classic - the Jerkfather's very special chicken: www.rhythmkitchen.co/ ...

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Rhythm Kitchen Westfield Stratford City - 0208 555 8275


Jerk is a style of cooking native to Jamaica in which traditionally chicken and pork are dry-rubbed or wet marinated with a hot spice mixture called jerk seasoning.

You can also apply jerk spice mixes to fish, shrimp, shellfish, beef, sausage, and tofu.

Jerk seasoning principally relies upon two items: allspice (called “pimento” in Jamaica) and Scotch bonnet peppers (among the hottest peppers on the Scoville scale). Other ingredients include cloves, cinnamon, scallions, nutmeg, thyme, garlic, salt, and pepper.

Rhythm Kitchen's Jerk Chicken and Pork is left to marinate for 24 hours and then gets cooked to a sizzle on the BBQ.

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